Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our BLOG URL has changed

Hey everyone, we have changed our blog URL to Since we have added a new member to our family we figure it was a good time to change it from to a more general blog.

Make sure to make changes on your directories/lists and your own blogs.



Andrew, Tricia, Tyce, and litte Trey.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Halloween was so fun this year. Tyce was Handy Manny from Playhouse Disney. As you can see, he didn't want to wear the gloves. He lasted about 6 houses and kind of got the concept of getting candy. He just followed his cousins...Halle, the scary little red riding hood and Buzz #1 and Buzz #2. It was fun going to Andy's work too!


We recently went up to Grandad and Grandmothers in Ogden. The boys loved running down their hill and play with golf balls.
In late September we went up to Idaho. Tyce got to drive in a potato truck with Grandpa Jensen and help him pick vegetables from the garden. I learned a lot about what goes into harvesting potatoes. The picture with Andy and Tyce is just a tiny hill of potatoes we saw. Pretty interesting!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our last trip to California we decided to go to the beach before our next few days at Disneyland...yes, again. We stopped at Huntington Beach and just made it before sunset. Silly me, I didn't think about how much Tyce loves water and didn't bring back-up clothes. So, after a little bit of a fight, we gave in and just let him play. We bought a cute new HB shirt out of that though.

So all the boys did pretty good at Disneyland. It was hot, but fun, like always. We had backpacks with 'leashes' on them that seemed to make them think they could try and run away. They were cute on them though. Carter got off the rides and said, "Again?" and Kenji wouldn't even want to get off. It was fun to see them so excited to see characters and enjoy the rides. We had fun with Clint, Kristen, Halle and the boys. Of course it's always great to have my parents there too.

Here are some of the pictures with characters. Tyce is getting older and more scared of them so we warmed up with a lot of 'hi-fives'. Carter and Kenji gave so many hugs.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So it's amazing how fast Tyce can catch on to things. I showed him how to flex his muscles and this is his version of it. Notice it's more in the face then in the arms. Still pretty funny though.
Well, not tons going on lately. The exciting news is that we found out we're having another boy!! TROUBLE, is how I'm looking at it. Andy says, "We'll have two missionaries out at the same time!" News to those who didn't know we were expecting...sorry! I am due December 17. The ultrasound says Dec. 10. The further away from Christmas the better in my opinion. My mom is scared I'll have him early since they will be on a trip to the Disney Island.(tear)Andy and I were supposed to be going with them. Baby, you better be worth it!!! Just kidding. We will see you some time Disney World. In the mean time, Disneyland will do just fine. So, time to start the name game. Boys names are a pain. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I guess July was pretty eventful. Here are some of the things we did.

We went up the canyon with Scott's family 4th of July weekend.

4th of July we went to a park with the Burgis and attempted to feed some ducks.

Playing on a slide with Carter, Kenji, and...Alyson.
At our annual Obon Festival in SLC. Tyce was a lot easier to contain last year! But he sure did look cute in a hapi coat and dancing around.

At the "This is the place Monument" in SLC. Tyce apparently doesn't quite get the concept of petting animals yet. Riding the pony was not at all enjoyable. But he seemed to have fun with cousins and riding a train. It was a hot day!